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Elder Nathan McBride - France, Paris Mission

Nathan has asked us(his family) to keep his friends and family informed of his experiences in the France, Paris Mission.  We will be posting pictures, excerpts from his letters and other experiences so you can be a part of Elder McBride's two year journey as a full time Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

MTC District
The MTC Experience:

Elder McBride entered the MTC in Provo, Utah  on August 20th 2014 and spent 41 days learning to speak French, teach gospel principles and build his testimony.  Here are some highlights:

"I am fully in the routine now here at the MTC and I am super excited to get into the mission field.  The French is coming along but the challenge is you know exactly what to say in English but its hard in translate into French. You feel limited in your vocabulary which is hard and feel like you could do so much better. There are lessons and days when everything comes together and the words are coming out right and those you are teaching understand what you are saying."  

"To be effective in teaching, you need to get to know someone at a personal level and share personal testimony." 

"Interesting how the spirit works.  I've come to know of that even the short time that I have been here. I have learned how to rely on spirit and have it with you all the time. It’s amazing the promptings that can come, you have to listen for them."

"A testimony isn't enough, you have to able to live and act on the principles you believe in and be an example of Jesus Christ."

Elder McBride loved his time in the MTC. He had such amazing teachers who had recently returned from the Paris, France mission.  Nate loved the missionaries in his district and felt blessed to work with them.  He really enjoyed the music, singing in French as there are many hymns they sang in French that he hadn't heard before.  Nate felt blessed to be able to hear so many great speakers such as Richard G. Scott and Russell M. Ballard and a broadcast from David Bednar. These strengthened his testimony of the atonement and understanding of the worth of souls.  He was ready and anxious to get to the field to participate in missionary work in France.

Arriving in Paris, France:

September 29th Elder McBride departed for France.  After a 10 hour flight he along with 27 other missionaries arrived in Paris. They were introduced to the  mission tradition of French pastries provided by the mission home upon their arrival.  There were so many missionaries coming in this transfer that only a few could stay at the mission home, the rest had to stay at a near by hotel.  The group spent the day visiting at the mission home as well as exploring the town where the mission home is located and talking to people they met in the streets.

The following day the missionaries met their companions(trainers) and proceeded to make their way to their first area.  There are 65 area's in the mission with only 7 in Belgium.  Nate was paired with Elder Bailey and are serving in Nivelles, Belgium.  Nathan was hoping to have the opportunity to serve in Belgium as it is a small part of his mission.  We have yet to hear from Elder McBride since he arrived but did hear from the Mission President that he had arrived safely.  Looking forward to hearing his updates next week!

President & Sister Babin

Elder McBride & Elder Bailey

Arriving Missionaries

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